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FitSlim is a leader in the emerging category of 'smart gyms'. Smart gyms use science and data to deliver accelerated weight-loss outcomes in a safe, welcoming environment.
We are a feel-good alternative to the slow, hard grind of traditional gym membership. FitSlim's exclusive, proprietary technology brings genuine body transformation within easy reach of the average person.
The FitSlim Team are proud to be at the forefront of a movement reimaging the fitness journey for everyday Australians.

OUR pods

Our FitSlim 'pods' are the state-of-the-art exercise machine that combines a traditional treadmill with vacuum resistance and red-light therapy. This new concept provides a unique, clever cardio solution for busy people who want to see fast results.
A 30 minute session is all that’s needed to make your fat cells cry!



Speeds up the metabolic processes of the body.

weight loss

Helps to achieve your dream figure as it burns many calories quickly.

improve circulation

Improves blood flow and the entire lymphatic system.

relax Muscles

Ease joint pain and soothe tired muscles and tissues.

reduces cellulites

Eliminates cellulite and flushes fat deposits from under the skin.


Regenerates skin cells and promotes elasticity for firmer, beautiful, and youthful skin.

better wellbeing

Releases ‘happy hormones’ during treatment and improves physical and mental state.

increased confidence

Makes you look better and feel great which significantly increases your self-esteem.